Learn to keep the crispy biscuits and freshly baked longer


Cookies are delicious when they are freshly baked, but especially when crispy, right? Among the many types, such as cream cracker, water is salt, with grains, milk, maria, stuffed or special, they are always present in the pantry and are great for killing that hungry in the late afternoon.

But what if you decides to attack the closet and finds that are withered and unsightly, what to do? To preserve them, you must store them properly and according to its type. Read the tips of ABIMAPI – Brazilian Association of Biscuit Industries, Alimentícias and Breads & Cakes Industrialized Pasta – to learn how to keep them freshly baked longer.

Place the biscuits in a well sealed jar and between the lid and the mouth of the container, placing a piece of plastic film used in the kitchen. Every time you open and close the pot, make sure that the plastic does not ripped. Otherwise, replace it.
Those made of aluminum or plastic containers are best for storing this type of food.
If you need to put them on each other, use parchment paper between each layer to prevent them from sticking and that esfarelem to try to separate them.
Store the biscuits in different containers according to its type. By putting them together, you will eventually also mixing the aromas and flavors.
The cookies can remain fresh for up to seven days if stored properly and at room temperature, away from light, moisture and cleaning products.
Store them in airtight jars or bags in the refrigerator makes it last longer and stay crunchy with preserved flavor.
If you want the cookies remain fresh longer, freeze them. But just as the storage in the refrigerator, be sure to wrap them in plastic bags for use in freezers and put them in a tightly sealed container. This ensures that they will not be burned by cold, preserving the flavors and protecting the undesirable absorption of flavors from other foods freezer.
To let them freshly again, put them on a plate without overlapping and bring to the microwave for 30 seconds; cool completely and will be crispy again. You can also use the microwave, but so will take a little longer, as toast.
Some tips are very useful, as grind crackers in a blender and use the farofinha to tarnish meats and chicken, for example. In the case of sweet and without filling / cover, the suggestion is to use them as a base for desserts such as pies and buckler

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