Biscobom closes Expoagas with good deals.
During the 34th edition of Expoagas the Biscobom Food, Mato Leitão, presented its product mix with over 80 items to buyers and Brazil and foreign suppliers. According to the company director Evanir Diehl, the largest supermarket fair in the Southern Cone has enabled greater visibility and many contacts to market expansion. "Today we are selling to Bolivia, Paraguay, Mozambique, Chile and Uruguay. This showcase has given us various partnerships and large businesses are to take place, "he says. Read more
Kill your hunger lion in Expoagas
The Fair Bigger supermarket around the Southern Cone Sector Enough YOUR 34th edition, from 25 to 27 August, with Generate forecast of R $ 405 Million in Business YOUR paragraph 342 exhibitors and more than 800 releases. Representatives from more than 5500 national and international companies, the Connected Supply Chain, will pass those Expoágas of runners no FIERGS the Events Center, in Porto Alegre. Read more.
Learn to keep the crispy biscuits and freshly baked longer
Cookies are delicious when they are freshly baked, but especially when crispy, right? Among the many types, such as cream cracker, water is salt, with grains, milk, maria, stuffed or special, they are always present in the pantry and are great for killing that hungry in the late afternoon. But what if you decides to attack the closet and finds that are withered and unsightly, what to do? To preserve them, you must store them properly and according to its type. Read the tips of ABIMAPI - Brazilian Association of Biscuit Industries, Alimentícias and Breads & Cakes Industrialized Pasta - to learn how to keep them freshly baked longer. Read more.
Commitment to Health
Industry establishes goals to improve nutritional value of foods and make them healthier Cookies manufacturers, pasta and breads and industrialized cakes, represented by ABIMAPI, have been committed to guidelines established by the government to improve the nutritional value of their products. The Ministry of Health (MOH) and industry associations signed in 2008 and renewed in 2011 terms of commitment to reduce the amounts of fat, sodium and sugar in processed foods. The construction of agreements and commitments with the associations has as main advantages the representativeness of the market (ranging from 60% to over 90%, according to the product in question), the strength of implementing changes and impersonality and disconnection with marks. Read more.
Gluten does not lead to obesity
An extensive and thorough research conducted by Fred JPH Brouns of the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, proves: gluten consumption is not responsible for obesity (*). The work is a response to publications such as the book "Wheat Belly", one of the first to spread the false theory that consumption of fattening gluten. The work Brouns made no less than five major scientific reviews, addressing the impact of the consumption of cereals on health. The main conclusion of this work: the intake of whole grains, of which the most consumed globally is wheat, has positive effects on health and contributes to weight loss. Read more.

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